Business Rule Maintenance Page (Master Data Manager, System Administration)

Use the Business Rules Maintenance page to add, edit, and delete rules for any leaf or consolidated attribute.


To create a rule, you must first select the entity to which it applies.

Control Name



Select a model that contains entities you want to view.

Only models for which you are a model administrator are displayed.


Select an entity for which you want to create a business rule.

Member type

Select the type of member to which the rule should apply. Possible values are: leaf and consolidated. Rules can be applied to only one type of member at a time.


Optional value. Select an attribute by which to filter the grid. For all business rules within an entity, select All.


Button Name


Add business rule

Adds a row to the grid. Double-click the Name, Description, or Notification cells to edit them.

Publish business rules

Publishes business rules, which creates a stored procedure for each rule in the master data database.

Records are not immediately validated against the rules.

Edit selected business rule

Opens the Edit Business Rule page from which you can create or edit the rule. This action is available only when a row in the grid is selected.

Delete selected business rule

Deletes the selected business rule. This action is available only when a row in the grid is selected.

Grid Columns

Use this grid to review and modify business rules. Click column headings to sort rows in the grid.

Column Name



Displays the order in which to apply business rules. Lower numbers are applied first. For example, a rule with a priority of 10 runs before a rule with a priority of 20.

Set priority when you have two or more rules that validate the same data.


Allows you to exclude the rule when validating data.

Use Excluded when you want to keep the text expression but do not want to apply it.


Displays the name of the rule.


Optional value. Displays a brief description of the rule.


Displays the rule as an If…Then statement.


Displays the status of the rule. Available statuses include:

  • Activation pending: The rule is saved but not yet published (data cannot be validated against it)

  • Active: When validation occurs, data will be validated against the rule

  • Changes pending: The stored procedure in the Master Data Services database is being updated to match the rule in Master Data Manager

  • Deletion pending: The rule will be deleted

  • Exclusion pending: The rule will be excluded

  • Excluded: When validation occurs, data will not be validated against it; however, the rule still exists and can be activated

  • Rule not defined: The rule is incomplete


Displays a user or group that receives e-mail when data fails business rule validation. E-mails are sent for validation actions only. (E-mails are not sent for default, change, or external actions.)

Modified Date

Displays the date the rule was last modified.