Attribute Group Maintenance Page (Master Data Manager, System Administration)

Use the Attribute Group Maintenance page to add, edit, or delete attribute groups. You can also give users and groups Update permission to attribute groups and change the order of the attribute groups.

Attribute groups are displayed in the Explorer functional area as tabs in the grid.


Control Name



Select a model.

Only models for which you are a model administrator are displayed.


Select an entity within the model.

Root Nodes

Click a root node to create a new attribute group or edit an existing one.

Node Name


Leaf groups

Add or edit an attribute group for leaf members.

Consolidated groups

Add or edit an attribute group for consolidated members.

Collection groups

Add or edit an attribute group for collections.


Button Name


Add attribute group

Adds a leaf, consolidated, or collection attribute group, depending on the root node you select.

Edit selected item

  • If you select a root node, you can change the sort order of the attribute groups within that node.

  • If you select an attribute group, you can edit the group name.

  • If you select Attributes, you can assign attributes to or remove attributes from the attribute group.

  • If you select Users or Groups, you can assign Update permissions to the attribute group.

Delete selected group

Deletes the selected attribute group.