ModelMembersGetRequest Class

Represents a request message for specifying the criteria in the ModelMembersGetCriteria complex type for the retrieval of the model.

Inheritance Hierarchy


Namespace:  Microsoft.MasterDataServices
Assembly:  Microsoft.MasterDataServices (in Microsoft.MasterDataServices.dll)


<MessageContractAttribute(WrapperName := "ModelMembersGetRequest", WrapperNamespace := "",  _
    IsWrapped := True)> _
Public Class ModelMembersGetRequest
Dim instance As ModelMembersGetRequest
[MessageContractAttribute(WrapperName = "ModelMembersGetRequest", WrapperNamespace = "", 
    IsWrapped = true)]
public class ModelMembersGetRequest
[MessageContractAttribute(WrapperName = L"ModelMembersGetRequest", WrapperNamespace = L"", 
    IsWrapped = true)]
public ref class ModelMembersGetRequest
[<MessageContractAttribute(WrapperName = "ModelMembersGetRequest", WrapperNamespace = "", 
    IsWrapped = true)>]
type ModelMembersGetRequest =  class end
public class ModelMembersGetRequest

The ModelMembersGetRequest type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method ModelMembersGetRequest() Initializes a new instance of the ModelMembersGetRequest class that has default values.
Public method ModelMembersGetRequest(International, ModelMembersGetCriteria, ModelMembersResultCriteria) Initializes a new instance of the ModelMembersGetRequest class that has the specified cultural settings, get criteria, and result criteria.



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  Name Description
Public field International The cultural settings.
Public field ModelsGetCriteria The criteria for getting models.
Public field ModelsResultCriteria The result criteria.



The Models and Versions parameters of ModelMembersGetCriteria are required, but the Entities parameter is optional. All entities are returned if not specified.

Criteria for specifying the contents of the resultset are set in the ModelMembersResultCriteria complex type. Each setting in ModelMembersResultCriteria is assumed to be false unless specified otherwise. At least one ModelMembersResultCriteria parameter must be true.

Thread Safety

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