VersionStatus Enumeration

Contains values specifying the status of a version.

Namespace:  Microsoft.MasterDataServices.Services.DataContracts
Assembly:  Microsoft.MasterDataServices.Services (in Microsoft.MasterDataServices.Services.dll)


<DataContractAttribute(Name := "VersionStatus", Namespace := "")> _
Public Enumeration VersionStatus
Dim instance As VersionStatus
[DataContractAttribute(Name = "VersionStatus", Namespace = "")]
public enum VersionStatus
[DataContractAttribute(Name = L"VersionStatus", Namespace = L"")]
public enum class VersionStatus
[<DataContractAttribute(Name = "VersionStatus", Namespace = "")>]
type VersionStatus
public enum VersionStatus


Member name Description
NotSpecified Version status is not specified.
Open An open version -- users may make updates (security permitting).
Locked A locked version -- users may not make updates and version administrators can perform final validations or revisions prior to committing.
Committed A committed version -- no changes may be made.