Microsoft.SqlServer.Types Namespace

The Microsoft.SqlServer.Types namespace contains classes used when working with the HierarchyID data type and the spatial data types, such as the geometry and geographic data types.


  Class Description
Public class HierarchyIdException The exception that is thrown for invalid SqlHierarchyId values.
Public class SqlGeography The SqlGeography type represents data in a geodetic (round earth) coordinate system.
Public class SqlGeographyBuilder Constructs instances of SqlGeography objects by using IGeographySink interface.
Public class SqlGeometry The SqlGeometry type represents data in a Euclidean (flat) coordinate system.
Public class SqlGeometryBuilder Constructs instances of SqlGeometry objects by using IGeometrySink interface.


  Structure Description
Public structure SqlHierarchyId The SqlHierarchyId type represents a position in a hierarchical structure, specifying depth and breadth.


  Interface Description
Public interface IGeographySink Interface used by SqlGeographyBuilder to construct a SqlGeography object.
Public interface IGeometrySink Defines the interface that the SqlGeometryBuilder class uses to construct a SqlGeometryBuilderobject.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration OpenGisGeographyType Lists Open GIS geography types.
Public enumeration OpenGisGeometryType Lists Open GIS geometry types.