Microsoft.SqlServer.Management Namespace

The Microsoft.SqlServer.Management namespace contains classes and interfaces that are designed to support the management of SQL Server. 


  Class Description
Public class ActionCollection Represents a collection of action objects.
Public class ActionCompletedEventArgs Provides data for the ActionCompletedEventArgs class. Inherits from EventArgs.
Public class ActionContext Provides the context for an action while executing.
Public class ActionHandlerCollection Represents a collection of elements within the class.
Public class ActionHandlerInfo Represents a collection of information for the class.
Public class ActionHandlerNotFoundException Represents an exception when the handler object is not found.
Public class ActionInfo Represents a set of actions of the item.
Public class ActionNotFoundException Represents an exception when the handler object is not found.
Public class ConfigurationSection Represents a section with a configuration file.
Public class ConfigurationUri Provides an object representation of a uniform resource identifier (URI) and easy access to the parts of the URI.
Public class ConnectionStore Implements an instance of the IConnectionStore interface based on IDbConnection.
Public class ContentType Represents a MIME protocol Content-Type header.
Public class DetailsView Displays the values of a single record from a data source from a data source in a table, where each data row represents a field of the record.
Public class LaunchedEventArgs Fires after action is performed.
Public class LaunchingEventArgs Fires before performing the action.
Public class Localizable Provides a property to be localized.
Public class LocalizationManager Represents the class of attached properties for the localization manager.
Public class NavigationEntity Represents the entity property of the class.
Public class NavigationEntityCollection Represents a collection of objects on the NavigationEntityCollection.
Public class NavigationEntityProperty Represents the navigation from one entity type to another entity type.
Public class NavigationView Represents the view that supports the content navigation.
Public class NavigationViewCollection Represents a collection of objects in the navigation view.
Public class NotFoundException Throws an exception when the device does not support the queried technique.
Public class NotInitializedException Represents an error that has not been initialized.
Public class PropertyNotFoundException Represents all exceptions in scenarios where the property is not found.
Public class RegisteredProperty Represents the registered property of the class.
Public class RegisteredPropertyDictionary Represents the registered property of the class in the dictionary.
Public class Registration Performs the registration of the class using the local manager.
Public class RegistrationService Provides the component property of the registration service.
Public class Report Provides a property that modifies or retrieves information about the report.
Public class ReportCollection Retrieves a collection of reports.
Public class ReportConnection Provides a collection of report in the class.
Public class ReportConnectionCustomCode Represents a collection of custom codes that the report connection provides.
Public class ReportConnectionDefault Represents the default connection settings of the report.
Public class ReportFilterCondition Displays the current condition of the report during the filter method.
Public class ReportReportData Provides the report data in a report.
Public class ReportReportDataCommand Provides a report data command to be used in the class.
Public class ReportReportDataCommandText Displays the data command text that occurred during operation.
Public class ScriptCollectorCollection Displays the current list of collections in the script.
Public class ScriptCollectorInfo Displays the information about the script collector.
Public class ServerInformationProviderCollection Represents a collection of server information.
Public class ServerInformationProviderInfo Initializes the specified information provider to use for the server.
Public class ServiceNotFoundException The exception that is thrown when a service could not be found.
Public class ServiceProvider Provides methods to get the service object of a specified type.
Public class SqlStudioConstants Provides a list of constant objects to use in SqlStudio.
Public class Task Represents an asynchronous operation for the TaskComponent.
Public class TaskComponent Initializes the task component using the local manager available.
Public class TaskExecutionProgressEventArgs Provides data for the task execution progress event.
Public class TaskForm Initiates the task form using the available local manager in the class.
Public class TaskFormCollection Represents a collection of task forms under the ConfigurationSection class.
Public class TaskFormTaskComponents Displays the task components of the task form.
Public class TypeNotFoundException Represents the exception that occurs during application execution.
Public class ValidatedEventArgs Provides data for the [ValidatedEventArgs] event.


  Interface Description
Public interface IActionHandler Defines a method that handles the action of the class.
Public interface IActionHandlerInfo Defines a method that displays the collection of the action handler.
Public interface IActionInfo Represents a collection of actions.
Public interface IConnectionStore<T> Specifies the interface for the generic connection store.
Public interface IContextProvider Defines a method that provides the context properties.
Public interface IContextService Represents the runtime context of the service.
Public interface IExplorerDetailsViewDescriptor Displays the object in the Details view of explorer.
Public interface IExplorerEntityDescriptor Defines a method that describes the modifications done to entities by operations returned in the explorer.
Public interface IExplorerNavigationService Represents an interface that contains methods, properties, and events to support the navigation in the explorer.
Public interface IExplorerViewDescriptor Defines a method that represents the ExplorerViewDescriptor.
Public interface IFactoryService Defines properties and methods that represent the FactoryService.
Public interface IHelpService Defines a method to display Help topics and to add and remove Help keywords at design time.
Public interface IInitializable Provides a method that can be used to initialize a service provider.
Public interface INavigationDetailsViewInfo Defines a method that represents the objects in the NavigationDetailsViewInfo.
Public interface INavigationEntityInfo Defines a method that shows the properties for the entity.
Public interface INavigationEntry Enables navigation between different entries in the SupportedUrnPaths.
Public interface INavigationPropertyInfo Defines the property of the NavigationPropertyInfo.
Public interface INavigationViewInfo Defines a method that displays the objects in the NavigationView.
Public interface IRegistrationService Defines a method that locates the path of the registration service.
Public interface IReportProgress Defines a method that displays the progress report in the class.
Public interface IReportsManager Defines a method that represents the objects in the ReportsManager.
Public interface IResourceProvider Defines a class that is implemented to act as a resource provider.
Public interface IServiceProviderEx Provides a unified service provider for managed VSPackages.
Public interface ISqlActivationService Displays the collection of activation service objects in SQL.
Public interface ITask Defines a task, which is a unit of executable code used by MSBuild to perform build operations.
Public interface ITaskExecutionContext Manages the execution context for the current thread.
Public interface ITaskFormFactoryService Defines a method that performs an operation of the task form.
Public interface ITaskLauncherService Represents the actions taken and performs the task in the TaskLauncher.
Public interface ITaskManagementService Initializes a new instance of the ITaskManagementService interface.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ItemsChoiceType Enumerates the event type for each event that is returned in a notification.
Public enumeration TaskExecutionLogEntryType Enumerates the list of the specified LogEntryType.