Attribute Groups (Master Data Services)

Attribute groups are tabs above the grid in the Explorer functional area of Master Data Manager.

When an entity has a large number of attributes and you view that entity in a grid in Explorer, you must scroll to the right to view all of the attributes. To prevent this scrolling, you can create attribute groups.

  • Attribute groups automatically include the Name and Code attributes.

  • Each attribute for an entity can belong to one or more attribute groups.

  • When attribute groups exist, attributes that do not belong to an attribute group are not displayed in Explorer.

  • When no attribute groups exist, all attributes you have permission to are displayed.

Attribute groups are administered in the System Administration functional area of Master Data Manager. 

You can assign user and group permissions to attribute groups in System Administration or in User and Group Permissions. Permissions assigned in either functional area are visible and editable in the other functional area.

  • If you add a user or group to an attribute group in System Administration, you are assigning Update permission to the attribute group model object.

  • If you assign any permission to an attribute group in User and Group Permissions, the user or group is displayed in System Administration.

For ease of administration, you should assign all security in the User and Group Permissions functional area.