How to: Create an Attribute Group (Master Data Services)

In Master Data Services, create attribute groups when you want to display attributes on individual tabs in the Explorer grid. Attribute groups can also be used when you want to assign permission to a subset of attributes.


To perform this procedure:

To create an attribute group

  1. In Master Data Manager, click System Administration.

  2. On the Model Explorer page, from the menu bar, point to Manage and click Attribute Groups.

  3. From the Model list, select a model.

  4. From the Entity list, select an entity.

  5. Click Leaf Groups, Consolidated Groups, or Collection Groups to create a group of attributes for leaf members, consolidated members, or collections respectively.

  6. Click Add attribute group.

  7. In the Leaf group name box, type a name for the group. This is the name displayed on the tab in Explorer.


    If you selected Consolidated Groups or Collection Groups in step 5, this box is Consolidated group name or Collection group name, respectively.

  8. Click Save group.

  9. Expand the folder for your group.

  10. Click Attributes.

  11. Click Edit selected item.

  12. Click attributes in the Available box and click the Add arrow. To add all, click the Add All arrow.

  13. Optionally, click the Up and Down arrows to change the order of the attributes.

  14. Click Save.