Master Data Services Cmdlet Reference (Windows PowerShell)

Master Data Services includes cmdlets to create and configure Master Data Services databases by using Windows PowerShell. These cmdlets are available in the MasterDataServicesSnapIn, which is located on the computer where you run Master Data Services Setup.


You must open Master Data Services Configuration Manager at least once following Setup to register the MasterDataServicesSnapIn.

Adding the Snap-In

To use the Master Data Services cmdlets, first run the following command to add the MasterDataServicesSnapIn snap-in to the Windows PowerShell console:

Add-PSSnapIn MasterDataServicesSnapIn

Master Data Services Cmdlets

The following table provides a brief description of the Master Data Services cmdlets.

Cmdlet Name



Creates a Master Data Services database.


Gets information about a Master Data Services database.


Gets information about Master Data Services databases on a specified instance of SQL Server.


Gets connection information for a specified instance of SQL Server.


Gets information about Internet Information Services (IIS) on the local computer.


Sets the value of a specified system setting in a Master Data Services database.


Gets system settings from a specified Master Data Services database.