Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Explorer Namespace

The Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Explorer contains the Interfaces which are required to support the database explorer control.


  Interface Description
Public interface IExplorerDetailsView Defines a method that displays the details in the explorer.
Public interface IExplorerItem Defines a method that allows the user to navigate the objects within the explorer item list.
Public interface IExplorerListViewItemRenderer Defines a method that allows the list of items to show in the explorer.
Public interface IExplorerMultiPaneControl Defines a method that is implemented by explorer view controls that support multiple panes.
Public interface IExplorerPropertyDescriptor Defines a method that describes the property metadata including a mechanism to access or convert the values.
Public interface IExplorerView Provides definition of the view.
Public interface IExplorerViewColumn Displays the property of an ExplorerViewColumn.
Public interface IExplorerViewControl Displays the property of the Explorer view control.
Public interface IExplorerViewHost Represents an interface that hosts the Explorer view.
Public interface IExplorerViewItem Represents a class that enables the ViewItem property.
Public interface IExplorerViewItemSet Displays the specified item in the ExplorerView control to be set.
Public interface ISupportUserCustomization Supports saving or resetting Explorer user customizations in SQL Server Management Studio.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ExplorerPropertyType Enumerates the recommended property visualization.