How to: Turn on Reporting Services events for the SharePoint trace log (ULS)

Starting with SQL Server 2008 R2, Reporting Services servers in SharePoint integrated mode can write Reporting Services events to the SharePoint Unified Logging Service (ULS). Reporting Services specific categories are available on the Monitoring page of SharePoint Central Administration.


The Report Server integration feature is activated in SharePoint Central Administration after you install the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services Add-in for SharePoint products. To activate the report server feature, use the Reporting Services pages in SharePoint Central Administration's Site Settings.

If the Reporting Services feature is not visible in the site collection feature list, the Reporting Services Add-in is not installed.

If the Reporting Services Add-in is installed, follow the instructions in this topic to turn on Reporting Services specific categories for SharePoint trace logs.

To turn on and off Reporting Services categories in the SharePoint trace log

  1. From SharePoint Central Administration

  2. Click Monitoring.

  3. Click Configure Diagnostic Logging in the Reporting group.

  4. Find SQL Server Reporting Services in the category list.

  5. Click the plus symbol (+) to expand the sub categories under SQL Server Reporting Services.

  6. Select the subcategories to be added to the trace log.

  7. At the bottom of the categories list, select an event level for the Least critical event to report to the trace log.


The option Least critical event to report to the event log is not supported by Reporting Services. The option is ignored.

The following logging options are recommended as a standard configuration:

  • HTTP Redirector

  • SOAP Client Proxy

  • If you are experiencing issues with configuration, add Configuration Pages.

Configure Diagnostic Logging

For more information and steps to configure diagnostic logging on a SharePoint server in SharePoint 2010 Central Administration, see Configure diagnostic logging settings (Windows SharePoint Services).