Configure Maximum File Upload Size (PowerPivot for SharePoint)

PowerPivot workbooks often contain large amounts of data that result in files that exceed the maximum file size allowed for uploading files to SharePoint. When you try to upload a file that exceeds the upper limit, you will get the following error in SharePoint: "The specified file is larger than the maximum supported file size."

To increase the file size, start by adjusting the Maximum Workbook Size for Excel Services to 50 megabytes. This aligns the maximum file size limits for Excel to those of SharePoint web applications (set to 50 megabytes by default). If your files exceed 50 megabytes in size, increase the file size limits for both Excel Services and your web application.

You must be a SharePoint administrator to change the maximum file upload size.

Configure maximum file size for Excel Services

  1. In Central Administration, in Application Management, click Manage service applications.

  2. Click Excel Services Application.

  3. Click Trusted File Locations.

  4. Click the location. By default, Excel Services considers the default web application a trusted site. If you are using the default web application, click http:// to open the configuration page for this location.

  5. Scroll to Workbook Properties.

  6. In Maximum Workbook Size, increase the file size from 10 (the default value) to 50 or a larger size that accommodates the files you are working with.

    By default, 50 megabytes is the maximum file upload size for SharePoint web applications. If you set Maximum Workbook Size to a number larger than 50 megabytes, follow the steps in the next procedure to increase the Maximum Upload Size for your SharePoint web application to the same value.

  7. Click OK.

Configure maximum file size for a SharePoint web application

  1. In Central Administration, in Application Management, click Manage web applications.


    Perform the following steps only if you set the Maximum Workbook Size in Excel Services above 50 megabytes.

  2. Select the application (for example, SharePoint - 80).

  3. On the Web Applications ribbon, click the down arrow on the General Settings button.

  4. Click General Settings.

  5. Scroll to Maximum Upload Size.

  6. Set the property to the same number as the Maximum Workbook Size in Excel Services.

  7. Click OK.