ChartAxisLabelRotation Enumeration

The rotation increment for the axis labels to automatically fit within the Chart.

Namespace:  Microsoft.ReportingServices.OnDemandReportRendering
Assembly:  Microsoft.ReportingServices.ProcessingCore (in Microsoft.ReportingServices.ProcessingCore.dll)


Public Enumeration ChartAxisLabelRotation
Dim instance As ChartAxisLabelRotation
public enum ChartAxisLabelRotation
public enum class ChartAxisLabelRotation
type ChartAxisLabelRotation
public enum ChartAxisLabelRotation


Member name Description
None Do not rotate axis labels.
Rotate30 Rotate axis labels in 30 degree increments.
Rotate45 Rotate axis labels in 45 degree increments.
Rotate90 Rotate axis labels in 90 degree increments.