How to: Annotate a Member (Master Data Services)

In Master Data Services, annotate a member when you want to provide supporting details about the member for historical purposes.


You cannot delete annotations.


To perform this procedure:

  • You must have permission to access the Explorer functional area.

  • You must have a minimum of Update permission to the entity that contains the member you want to annotate.

To annotate a member

  1. On the Master Data Manager home page, from the Model list, select a model.

  2. From the Version list, select a version.

  3. Click Explorer.

  4. From the menu bar, point to Entities and click the name of the entity you want to annotate.

  5. In the grid, click the down arrow to display a sub-menu.

  6. From the sub-menu, click Annotate member.

  7. On the Add Annotation dialog box, type the text for the annotation.

  8. Click Save annotation.

  9. In the confirmation dialog box, click OK.

Next Steps

To view a member annotation, select the entity. In the grid, click the down arrow and select View member transactions from the sub-menu. Click a Member was annotated row in the grid and view the annotation in the Transaction Annotations pane.