Migrating Connections

Connections in SQL Server 2000 Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages are migrated to SQL Server and converted to connection managers of the appropriate connection type.

A connection manager is a logical representation of a connection to a data source. The connection manager specifies the attributes of the physical connection that the run-time engine creates when the package runs. A migrated package can have multiple connection managers, all of the same connection type, that are configured differently. For more information, see Integration Services Connections.

The only SQL Server 2000 task that uses a connection and can be migrated to SQL Server without issues is the Execute SQL task. Its connections are migrated as OLE DB or ODBC connection managers. Any properties of the existing connection managers that were not previously set are set to the default values in the new connection manager. For more information, see OLE DB Connection Manager and ODBC Connection Manager.


In some circumstances, the SQL Server 2000 data transformation task can be migrated successfully together with its connections. The Data Driven Query task and the Parallel Data Pump task are migrated into Execute DTS 2000 Package tasks. For more information, see Migrating Tasks and Known DTS Package Migration Issues.

Any connections that were used in SQL Server 2000 tasks but cannot be migrated to SQL Server remain part of the SQL Server 2000 intermediate packages that are created as part of the migration. For example, a connection in the SQL Server 2000 Transform Data task remains part of the SQL Server 2000 intermediate package that encapsulates the Transform Data task.

Updating Properties of Connection Managers

The connection managers include properties that are set to default values.

The following table lists these properties.




A value that specifies whether the validation of the connection is delayed until the package runs. This property is set to False by the Package Migration Wizard.


A description of the connection manager. This property is left blank by the Package Migration Wizard.