Migrating Scripts

The SQL Server 2000 version of the ActiveX Script task can be migrated to the SQL Server ActiveX Script task. However the SQL Server ActiveX Script task is provided only for backward compatibility. After migration, you should replace ActiveX Script tasks with Integration Services features.

If your scripts contain code to manage control flow in packages, you might be able to replace the scripts with new control flow features in Integration Services, such as looping containers and more flexible precedence constraints. For more information, see Integration Services Containers and Precedence Constraints.

You can replace other customer logic in your scripts with managed code in the Integration Services Script task. For more information on the Integration Services Script task, see Script Task.

ActiveX Script tasks that try to access the package object model by using the Parent property of the GlobalVariables collection will fail after package migration. The former functionality must be replaced by using different script code or new Integration Services features.