Rename an Instance of Analysis Services

You can rename an existing instance of Microsoft Analysis Services by using the Rename Instance dialog box.


This topic and the other Analysis Services installation how-to topics in this section focus only on installation options that are specific to Analysis Services. However, these topics provide links to other topics for more information about installation of SQL Server.


On a 64-bit computer, you must use the 64-bit version of the Instance Rename tool.


The Analysis Services Instance Rename tool is not supported for use in a cluster environment.

To rename an instance of Analysis Services

  1. Launch the Instance Rename tool, asinstancerename.exe, from C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\10\Tools\Binn\VSShell\Common7\IDE.

  2. In the Rename Instance dialog box, in the Instance to rename list, select the instance that you want to rename.

  3. In the New instance name box, enter the new name for the instance.

  4. Verify that the user name and password are correct, and then click Rename.