Concatenation Operators

The concatenation operator is the plus sign (+). You can combine, or concatenate, two or more character strings into a single character string. You can also concatenate binary strings.

The following code is an example of concatenation operator that combines the product name with the product's unique name:

WITH MEMBER Measures.ProductName AS 
   Product.Product.CurrentMember.Name + " (" + Product.Product.CurrentMember.UniqueName + ")"
   {Measures.ProductName} ON COLUMNS,
   Product.Product.Members ON ROWS
FROM [Adventure Works]

Language Considerations

When the strings used in a concatenation both have the same collation, the resulting concatenated string has the same collation as the inputs. When the strings used in a concatenation have different collations, the rules of collation precedence determine the collation of the resulting concatenated string. For more information, see Languages and Collations (Analysis Services - Multidimensional Data).