Monitoring Replication with Replication Monitor

Microsoft SQL Server Replication Monitor is a graphical tool that allows you to monitor the overall health of a replication topology. Replication Monitor provides detailed information on the status and performance of publications and subscriptions, allowing you to answer common questions, such as:

  • Is my replication system healthy?

  • Which subscriptions are slow?

  • How far behind is my transactional subscription?

  • How long will it take a transaction committed now to reach a Subscriber in transactional replication?

  • Why is my merge subscription slow?

  • Why is an agent not running?

To monitor replication, a user must be a member of the sysadmin fixed server role at the Distributor or a member of the replmonitor fixed database role in the distribution database. A system administrator can add any user to the replmonitor role, which allows that user to view replication activity in Replication Monitor; however, the user cannot administer replication. For more information, see How to: Allow Non-Administrators to Use Replication Monitor (SQL Server Management Studio).

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