How to: Deliver a Snapshot Through FTP (SQL Server Management Studio)

To transfer snapshot files using File Transfer Protocol (FTP), you must first configure an FTP server. For more information, see the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) documentation. After the FTP server is configured, specify directory and security information for this server in the Publication Properties <Publication> dialog box. For more information about accessing this dialog box, see How to: View and Modify Publication and Article Properties (SQL Server Management Studio).

To specify FTP information

  1. In the Publication Properties - <Publication> dialog box, select Allow Subscribers to download snapshot files using FTP from one of the following pages:

    • The FTP Snapshot page, for snapshot and transactional publications, and merge publications for Publishers running versions prior to Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

    • The FTP Snapshot and Internet page, for merge publications from Publishers running SQL Server 2005 or later.

  2. Specify values for FTP server name, Port number, Path from the FTP root folder, Login, and Password.

    For example, if the FTP server root is \\ftpserver\home and you want snapshots to be stored at \\ftpserver\home\snapshots, specify \snapshots\ftp for the property Path from the FTP root folder (replication appends 'ftp' to the snapshot folder path when it creates snapshot files).


    As a security best practice, do not allow anonymous logins to the FTP server. The Snapshot Agent must have write permissions for the directory you specify, and the Distribution Agent or Merge Agent must have read permissions. If pull subscriptions are used, you must specify a shared directory as a universal naming convention (UNC) path, such as \\ftpserver\home\snapshots. For more information, see Securing the Snapshot Folder.

  3. Specify that the Snapshot Agent should write the snapshot files to the directory specified in step 2. For example, to have the Snapshot Agent write the snapshot files to \\ftpserver\home\snapshots\ftp, you must specify the path \\ftpserver\home\snapshots in one of two places:

    • The default snapshot location for the Distributor associated with this publication.

      For more information about specifying the default snapshot location, see How to: Specify the Default Snapshot Location (SQL Server Management Studio).

    • An alternate snapshot folder location for this publication. An alternate location is required if the snapshot is compressed or the Publisher is running Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

      Enter the path in the Put files in the following folder textbox on the Snapshot page of the Publication Properties - <Publication> dialog box. For more information about alternate snapshot folder locations, see Alternate Snapshot Folder Locations.

  4. Click OK.