Using Parameter Prefixes in a URL

Parameter prefixes are used with URL parameters to access the report server. You can specify multiple parameter prefixes in a URL. The following table lists parameter prefixes that the report server can parse.


Parameters that are not prefixed are treated as report parameters.




Supplies a rendering extension with specific device information settings. For more information about device information settings and URL access, see Specifying Device Information Settings in a URL. This prefix is also used with commands that are targeted at the HTML Viewer. For more information about HTML Viewer commands, see Using URL Access Parameters.


Targets the report server with specific parameters. For more information about targeting the server with specific commands, see Using URL Access Parameters.


Passes report parameters in a URL to a report that is stored in a SharePoint document library, for the Report Viewer Web Part. For more information, see Using URL Access Parameters.


Specifies a password with which to access a data source. For more information, see Setting Data Source Credentials in a URL.

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