Introducing Exception Handling in Reporting Services

If your Reporting Services application sends a request to the Report Server Web service that the service is unable to process, the service returns a SOAP exception to the client. Handling exceptions thrown by the Report Server Web service is an important part of the applications that you develop because you can return useful information to users when errors occur.

This section contains specific information about handling exceptions, preventing user input that is not valid, and returning meaningful error information to users. For general information about exception handling, see "Handling and Throwing Exceptions" in the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK documentation.

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Handling Exceptions in Reporting Services

Provides an overview of exceptions in Reporting Services and the role of SOAP in returning errors from a Web service.

Best Practices for Reporting Services Exception Handling

Provides recommendations on how to handle exceptions in Reporting Services.

Reporting Services SoapException Class

Describes the SoapException class in Reporting Services.