Detail Property

The Detail property of the Reporting Services SoapException class has the following XML structure:


  • Detail
    The top-level element that contains all other error detail elements.

  • ErrorCode
    The Reporting Services-specific error code.

  • HttpStatus
    The HTTP status code.

  • Message
    The error message and the error code assigned by the report server.

  • HelpLink
    The Help link URL to a Web site at which further information about the error can be found. For more information, see HelpLink Element.

  • LinkID
    The ID assigned to the link.

  • ProductName
    The name of the product. The default value is Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

  • ProductVersion
    The version of Reporting Services. The maximum length is 15 characters. The format of the version number should be as follows: 8.00.0xxx.00.

  • ProductLocaleId
    The locale ID or language ID of the application's INTL DLL (for example, 0x41A).

  • OperatingSystem
    The operating system Reporting Services is installed on. Valid values include 0 for operating system independent, 1 for Windows 2000, and 16 for Windows XP.

  • CountryLocaleId
    The locale ID or language ID of the operating system. For example, the value for the French version of Windows is 0x040c.

  • MoreInformation
    An XML string that contains nested exceptions that occurred while the method ran.

  • Source
    A child element of MoreInformation. The source of the error.

  • Message
    A child element of MoreInformation. The error message of a nested exception. This element includes XML attributes for ErrorCode and HelpLink.

  • Warnings
    An XML string that contains the warnings returned from report processing.