Passing a Report Parameter Within a URL

You can pass report parameters to a report by including them in a report URL. These URL parameters are not prefixed because they are passed directly to the report processing engine. For more about report parameters, see Running a Parameterized Report.

To set a report parameter within a URL, simply include the parameter name, an equal sign (=), and the value of the report parameter. The syntax is parameter=value. To pass a null value for a parameter, use parameter:isnull=true, for example, SalesOrderNumber:isnull=true.


If your report contains a report parameter that has a default value and the value of the Prompt property is false (that is, the Prompt User property is not selected in Report Manager), then you cannot pass a value for that report parameter within a URL. This provides administrators an option for preventing end users from adding or modifying the values of certain report parameters.


The following example uses the report parameter EmployeeID to render the specified report:

http://server/reportserver?/Sales/Northwest/Employee Sales Report&rs:Command=Render&EmployeeID=1234

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