SQL Server Tools for Report Server Administration

This topic describes which SQL Server client tools you can use to manage a Reporting Services installation.

SQL Server Surface Area Configuration

This tool is deprecated, but you can turn off specific features manually by editing the RSReportServer.config file or setting advanced server properties in SQL Server Management Studio. For more information, see How to: Turn Reporting Services Features On or Off.

SQL Server Management Studio

Use SQL Server Management Studio to manage one or more report server instances in a single environment. You can set server properties, modify role definitions, or turn off report server features you are not using. For more information about Management Studio, see Using SQL Server Management Studio.

SQL Server Configuration Manager

Use SQL Server Configuration Manager to start or stop the Report Server Windows service and to configure advanced service properties. Advanced service properties include specifying whether Customer Feedback Reporting is enabled, the dump directory location, and error reporting. Do not use this tool to set service account. Use the Reporting Services Configuration tool instead. For more information, see Configuring the Report Server Service Account and SQL Server Configuration Manager.