DefaultSecurityFilter Object (Model Designer)

References the attribute that is used as a filter on the entity if no SecurityFilters are present. Security filters might not be present because there are none defined or because the user does not have permission to access them. The default security filter is added to the query when executing any query that references the entity, even when the entity is referenced indirectly, such as through a role.









Reference to the attribute to apply as a filter to the entity. Only attributes where IsFilter = True can be used.


  • A default security filter defines the data that you want anyone to be able to see by default.

  • When applying security filters on an entity, it is a good idea to create a default security filter if you want all users to see some data, even when they do not have permission to any of the filters in the SecurityFilters Collection.

  • When filter attributes are assigned to the SecurityFilters Collection and model item security is enabled, users who do not have permissions to any of those filters will not see any data unless an attribute is assigned to the DefaultSecurityFilter property.