Managing Folders

Folders provide the navigation structure and path of all addressable items stored in a report server. Items that can be contained in a folder include published reports, models, shared data sources, resources, and other folders. Folders also provide the foundation for item-level security. Role assignments that you define for specific folders extend to the items in that folder and to additional folders that branch from that folder.

Reporting Services provides a very simple folder structure that consists of a root node and reserved folders that support the optional My Reports feature. In Report Manager, the root node is named Home. If you are using a browser to connect directly to a report server, the root node is the name of the report server virtual directory. From the root node, you can create additional folders to organize the reports and items you want to store.

Working with report server folders is similar to working with folders on a file system. You can add content to a folder, move items between folders, modify folder names or locations, and delete folders that are no longer required. For more information about the folder hierarchy, see Report Server Folder Hierarchy.

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