Reporting Services Analyst InfoCenter

Analysts create reports and report models for personal use and for other people in an organization. Analysts can be data processing professionals, but might also be persons responsible for analyzing enterprise data in the course of other job functions. Often, an analyst creates reports to identify trends, opportunities, problems, or project characteristics. Analysts might also be interested in data mining and the features of SQL Server Analysis Services.

In Reporting Services, analysts are responsible for creating reports that include aggregated data, expressions, and parameters. Analysts also design report models for others in an organization to organize data into meaningful entities that facilitate report creation. Job titles that map to the Reporting Services analyst role include Data Modeler, Business Analyst, or Financial Analyst, to name a few.

To help you quickly get started with the Reporting Services tools and documentation, the following topics provide key information about creating and publishing reports and report models. To view additional information in the documentation, from these topics you can sync to the table of contents in SQL Server Books Online, where you will find related topics on advanced features in Reporting Services.