Setting Parameters in a Subscription

When you define a subscription to a parameterized report, you can specify parameter values to use during subscription processing. You can only specify parameters in a subscription to reports that run on demand. When you subscribe to a parameterized report that runs as a snapshot, your subscription must use the parameter values defined for the snapshot.


Data-driven subscriptions can use parameter values that are obtained from a subscriber data source. For more information, see Using an External Data Source for Subscriber Data.

Specifying Subscription Parameters for On-Demand Reports

If a report runs on demand and it takes a parameter, you can define which parameter value to use during subscription processing. This parameter value can be different from those used to run the report on demand or in other scheduled operations. For example, suppose you have a Call Service report that uses a Time Period parameter to return customer service requests for the current day, week, or month. If the default parameter value for the report is set to today, your subscription can use a different parameter value (such as week or month) to produce a report that contains weekly or monthly figures.

Parameters for Report Snapshots

Parameterized reports that run as report snapshots use the parameter values defined for the report snapshot. Parameter values are defined in the parameter properties page of the report. Your subscription cannot override a parameter value that is defined for a snapshot. For example, suppose you are subscribing to a Western regional sales report that runs as a report snapshot, and the snapshot specifies Western as a regional parameter value. In this case, if you create a subscription to this report, you must use the parameter value Western in your subscription.

To provide a visual indication that the parameter is ignored, the parameter fields on the subscription page are set to read-only fields.

If you change a parameter value in the report snapshot after the subscription is defined, the report server deactivates the subscription. Deactivating the subscription indicates that the report has been modified. To activate the subscription, open and then save the subscription.