How to: Delete or Modify a Subscription (Report Manager)

You can delete or modify a subscription to stop report delivery or change the settings that determine how and when a report is delivered. For more information about the settings used for different types of subscriptions, see How to: Subscribe to a Report (Report Manager).

This topic does not explain how to cancel a subscription that is currently processing on the report server. For more information about canceling subscriptions, see Managing a Running Process

To delete or modify a subscription

  1. Start Report Manager.

  2. In Report Manager, click My Subscriptions on the global toolbar and navigate to the subscription you want to modify or delete.

    Alternatively, on the Subscriptions tab of an open report, find the subscription that you want to modify or delete.

  3. Perform one of the following:

    • To modify a subscription, click Edit.

    • To delete a subscription, select the check box next to the subscription, and then click Delete.