Troubleshooting Initialization and Encryption Key Errors

This section describes initialization and encryption errors that are might occur during a scale-out deployment, upgrade, or a recovery operation. Initialization and encryption errors indicate that the product is installed, but is not in a working state. Encryption errors indicate a problem with creating, storing, or reading the encryption keys used to protect sensitive data.

To get additional information about an error, view the ReportServerService_<timestamp>.log. This is the trace log file for the Report Server service. If the log contains entries indicating that state the service is not initialized, begin by troubleshootingthe service. For more information, see Report Server Service Trace Log.

Encryption and Initialization Errors

Initialization errors can occur when you install a report server instance and select an existing report server database for that instance. Typically, you select an existing report server database because you are adding a report server instance to a scale-out deployment. In this scenario, the initialization error is expected if you did not add the instance from a report server that was already joined to the scale-out deployment. For more information about this scenario, see Configuring Reporting Services for Scale-Out Deployment.

If you get an initialization error and you are not configuring a scale-out deployment, verify that the permissions on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\Reporting Services specify Full Control for the account used to run the Report Server service.

Initialization errors and encryption key errors include the following messages.


This error occurs when a report server cannot decrypt the report server database connection settings or the unattended account settings in the rsreportserver.config file. The rsreportserver.config file contains encrypted values that can only be decrypted by the report server instance that created the entries. This error occurs if you use a report server configuration file that was copied from another server instance. If you get the rsFailedToDecryptConfigInformation error, you can resolve it by resetting the account information on the report server that is producing the error. You can use the Reporting Services Configuration tool or the rsconfig.exe command line utility to set the account.


The report server database contains key information for a specific report server instance, but the keys are not valid. This occurs when you change the profile information of the report server instance.

The error message for rsReportServerDisabled is: "The Report Server Web service is not running as the Web service account specified in rsreportserver.config". To resolve this error, try the following:

  1. Run the Reporting Services Configuration tool or rsconfig to update the report server database connection so that it reflects the new profile information.

  2. Restore the keys to update the key information stored in the report server database.

For more information, see Configuring the Report Server Service Account.