ModelItemOperation Enumeration

Describes the types of operations allowed on a model item.

Namespace:  Microsoft.ReportingServices.Interfaces
Assemblies:   Microsoft.ReportingServices.Interfaces (in Microsoft.ReportingServices.Interfaces.dll)
  Microsoft.ReportingServices.SharePoint.UI.WebParts (in Microsoft.ReportingServices.SharePoint.UI.WebParts.dll)


Public Enumeration ModelItemOperation
Dim instance As ModelItemOperation
public enum ModelItemOperation
public enum class ModelItemOperation
type ModelItemOperation
public enum ModelItemOperation


Member name Description
ReadProperties Allows the user to read properties for a model item.


The ModelItemOperation enumeration contains values that correspond to the various model item operations or actions that a user can perform in SQL Server Reporting Services.

Operation collections and operation enumerations support authorization in Reporting Services. The operations collection is one of the prime components of any access control entry (AceStruct object). The operations collection contains the list of operations permitted on an item in the report server database for a given principal name. As demonstrated in previous examples, evaluating the operation collections for an item is a key part of any Reporting Services authorization extension. There exists an operation collection for each of the securable item types in Reporting Services, including the catalog (general system operations), models, folders, reports, and resources.