Getting Started in SMO

This topic contains information about getting started using SQL Server Management Objects (SMO). The SMO section is aimed at developers. The following list will help you to locate information about the SMO object hierarchy, how to prepare for writing programs in SMO, how to start writing an SMO program in different programming languages, and general and specific programming tasks.

Preparing for SMO

  • Preparing for SMO provides information about system requirements, installation, and comparisons with SQL-DMO.

Object Model

  • The Object Model describes the SMO object hierarchy and how the objects relate to one another.

Programming Languages

  • Programming Languages describes the programming environment and includes detailed procedures to start writing an SMO program in C# and Visual Basic.

General Programming in SMO

  • General Programming in SMO is an introduction to programming with SMO. This topic describes how to connect to an instance of SQL Server, and how to use properties, methods, and collections. More advanced topics describe data types, transactions, setting the capture mode, and event and exception handling.

Programming Specific Tasks

  • The Programming Specific Tasks section contains concepts and procedures about how to program specific tasks by using SMO. The topic also describes complete programmatic management of SQL Server.