Lesson 1: Preparing the Analysis Services Database (Basic Data Mining Tutorial)

You are a new employee of Adventure Works Cycles who has been tasked with designing a business intelligence application in SQL Server 2008. Adventure Works Cycles hopes to leverage your Analysis Services data mining experience to discover interesting and actionable information about people who have purchased bicycles. They then want you to predict which prospective customers are most likely to purchase a bicycle in the future. 

Designing this application in SQL Server starts with the creation in Business Intelligence Development Studio of a SQL Server Analysis Services project based on an Analysis Services project template. After you create an Analysis Services project, you define one or more data sources. Then, you define a view of the metadata, called a data source view, from selected tables and views from the data sources.

In this lesson, you will create an Analysis Services project, define a single data source, and add a subset of tables to a data source view. This lesson includes the following tasks:

Creating an Analysis Services Project (Basic Data Mining Tutorial)

Creating a Data Source (Basic Data Mining Tutorial)

Creating a Data Source View (Basic Data Mining Tutorial)