Lesson 4: Adding Logging

Microsoft Integration Services includes logging features that let you troubleshoot and monitor package execution by providing a trace of task and container events. The logging features are flexible, and can be enabled at the package level or on individual tasks and containers within the package. You can select which events you want to log, and create multiple logs against a single package.

Logging is provided by a log provider. Each log provider can write logging information to different formats and destination types. Integration Services provides the following log providers:

  • Text file

  • SQL Server Profiler 

  • Windows Event log

  • SQL Server 

  • XML file

In this lesson, you will create a copy of the package that you created in Lesson 3: Adding Package Configurations. Working with this new package, you will then add and configure logging to monitor specific events during package execution. If you have not completed any of the previous lessons, you can also copy the completed Lesson 3 package that is included with the tutorial.


This tutorial requires the AdventureWorksDW sample database. For more information about how to install and deploy AdventureWorksDW, see Considerations for Installing SQL Server Samples and Sample Databases.