Microsoft SQL Server Help and Communities

The search feature for SQL ServerĀ Help can search web sites in addition to Books Online. When this feature is enabled, users can search all of MSDN Online along with SQL Server-focused community sites. You configure which sites the search engine should access from the Help Options link on the Search page, or from the SQL Server Management Studio options page.

Configuring Help

To configure Help to include or exclude MSDN and communities

  1. In Management Studio, on the Tools menu, click Options.

  2. In the Options dialog box, expand Environment, expand Help, and then click Online.

  3. In the When loading Help content area, select Try local first, then online, to enable the other boxes on the page.

  4. Use the Move up and Move down arrows in the Search these providers box to prioritize the results by provider.

  5. Use the Codezone Community list to narrow your search to your favorite site, and then click OK.