How to: Modify Column Mappings in a Prediction Query

You can use the Modify Mapping dialog box to change existing column mappings in the Mining Model Prediction tab of Data Mining Designer. When you specify an external data source, SQL Server Analysis Services automatically maps some columns to the mining model columns. You can change these mappings, delete mappings, or create new mappings for existing columns. However, you cannot add new columns or map columns in a different data source view. The data source view that you select must contain all the columns that you need for the prediction query.

In addition to using the Modify Mapping dialog box, you can also modify mappings directly in the design surface of the Mining Model Prediction tab. To create a new connection, select a column in the Mining Model table and drag it to the corresponding column in the SelectInput Table(s) table. To remove a connection, select the connection line and press the DELETE key.

To modify a column mapping relationship

  1. In Data Mining Designer in Business Intelligence Development Studio, select the Mining Model Prediction tab.

  2. On the Mining Model menu, select Modify Connections.

    The Modify Mapping dialog box opens. In this dialog box, the column Mining Model Column lists the columns in the selected mining structure. The column Table Column lists the columns in the external data source that you chose in the SelectInput Table(s) dialog box. The columns in the external data source are mapped to columns in the mining model.

  3. Under Table Column, select the row that corresponds to the mining model column that you want to map to.

  4. Select a new column from the list of available columns in the external data source. Select the blank item in the list to delete the column mapping.

  5. Click OK.

    The new column mappings are displayed in the designer.