Adding or Removing Tables or Views in a Data Source View (Analysis Services)

Adding a table to the data source view also adds the table to the currently selected diagram in the data source view. Removing a table from the data source view also removes the table from all diagrams that are contained in the data source view. For more information on diagrams, see Working with Diagrams in a Data Source View (Analysis Services).

Make sure that you want to change the schema of the data source view before removing a table, because removing a table deletes all the associated columns and relationships from the data source view, and invalidated all objects bound to that table.


Adding or removing objects in a data source view does not affect the underlying data source.

Selecting Tables or Views to Add or Remove

Use the Add/Remove Tables dialog box to change the tables that are included in the data source view. In the Add/Remove Tables dialog box, you can move tables or views between the Available objects and Included objects lists. The Available objects list initially includes any tables or views in the primary data source that are not already in the data source view. If the primary data source supports the OPENROWSET function, you can also add tables or views from other data sources in the project or database.


You can remove tables or views from a data source view without opening the Add/Remove Tables dialog box.

After you move a table to the Included objects list in the Add/Remove Tables dialog box, you can add all related tables. This operation adds tables according to foreign key constraints in the data source, if such constraints exist. If foreign key constraints do not exist, you can use the NameMatchingCriteria property of the data source view to determine relationships by specifying a criterion for matching column names in tables to generate likely relationships. If the NameMatchingCriteriaproperty is specified for the data source view, click Add Related Tables to add tables from the data source that have matching column names. For more information about setting the NameMatchingCriteria property, see Designing Data Source Views (Analysis Services).

How To Add or Remove Tables or Views