Verifying SQL Mail Configurations

Follow the steps below to verify that SQL Mail is correctly configured:

  • Consider using Database Mail instead.


    This feature will be removed in a future version of Microsoft SQL Server. Avoid using this feature in new development work, and plan to modify applications that currently use this feature.. To send mail from SQL Server, use Database Mail.

  • Verify that SQL Mail has been installed.

  • A mail client (such as Microsoft Outlook) must be installed on the computer that runs SQL Server.

  • You must have a working Microsoft Exchange server. Microsoft Outlook can be configured so that SQL Mail uses the standard Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) to send mail. However, due to limitations in using Extended MAPI client components from SQL Server, Microsoft recommends using Database Mail to send mail using SMTP.

  • The account that you use to start SQL Server must be a domain account. The domain account must have a mailbox on the Exchange server. The account that you use to start SQL Server must not be the Local System account or the Local Service account.

  • The profile must specify the correct Exchange server and account name. To inspect the profile, log on to the computer that runs SQL Server as the account that starts SQL Server. In the Control Panel, double-click Mail. In the Mail dialog box, click Show Profiles.

  • You must be able to open Outlook and test sending and receiving an e-mail to your mail server. No dialog box or message that requires user interaction should appear.

  • SQL Mail must be configured to use the correct profile. For more information on configuring SQL Mail, see How to: Set Up SQL Mail (SQL Server Management Studio).

  • The default e-mail program for the account that you use to start SQL Server must be the same as the e-mail program used to test the configuration. To check the default e-mail program, open the Control Panel. Double-click Internet Options and then click the Programs tab. Choose the correct program from the E-mail list.

  • SQL Server must be restarted for changes to the mail profile to take effect. If you change the default mail profile for the account, you must restart the computer for the changes to take effect.