How to: Delete a Data Source View in Solution Explorer (Analysis Services)

Use Business Intelligence Development Studio to delete data source views in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services projects and databases.

To delete a data source view

  1. In Business Intelligence Development Studio, open the project or connect to the database from which you want to delete a data source view.

  2. In Solution Explorer, expand the Data Source Views folder.

  3. Open the Delete Objects dialog box by doing one of the following:

    • Right-click the data source view you wish to delete, and then click Delete.

    • Click the data source view you wish to delete and press DELETE.


To delete multiple data source views, select all of the data source views you want to delete and press Delete, or right-click one of the data source views and then click Delete.

The Delete Objects dialog box appears. If you are deleting a data source view from an Analysis Services project and there are objects that are defined based on the data source view being deleted, then the objects that will be invalidated are listed in the Delete Objects dialog box.


Data source views that other objects depend on cannot be deleted from an Analysis Services database opened by Business Intelligence Development Studio in online mode. You must delete all objects in the Analysis Services database that depend on that data source view before deleting the data source view.

  1. In the Delete Objects dialog box, review the data sources view(s) to be deleted, and then click OK.


    If deleting a data source view from an Analysis Services project, you must save the modified project or you will receive an error the next time you open the project because the underlying XML file for the deleted data source view will be missing when the project attempts to load the deleted data source view.