How to: Save the Results of a Prediction Query to a Table

You can save the results of a prediction query to a table in any data source that is defined in a Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services project. You can either create a new table or save the query results to an existing table. If you save the results to an existing table, you can choose to overwrite the data that is currently stored in the table; otherwise, the query results are appended to the existing data in the table.


Before you save query results to a table, you must first use Prediction Query Builder to define the query.

To save query results to a table

  1. On the toolbar of the Mining Model Prediction tab in Data Mining Designer, click Save query result.

    The Save Data Mining Query Result dialog box opens.

  2. Select a data source from the Data Source list, or click New to create a new data source.

  3. In the Table Name box, enter the name of the table. If the table already exists, select Overwrite if exists to replace the contents of the table with the query results. If you do not want to overwrite the contents of the table, do not select this check box. The new query results will be appended to the existing data in the table.

  4. Select a data source view from Add to DSV if you want to add the table to a data source view.

  5. Click Save.