Login Properties (User Mapping Page)

Use this page to view or modify the mapping of logins to database users.


  • Users mapped to this login
    Select the databases that this login can access. When you highlight a database, its valid database roles are displayed in the Database role membership for: <database name> pane.

  • Map
    Allow the login to access the databases listed below.

  • Database
    Lists the databases available on the server.

  • User
    Specify a database user to map to the login. By default, the database user has the same name as the login.

  • Default Schema
    Specifies the default schema of the user. When a user is first created, its default schema is dbo. It is possible to specify a default schema that does not yet exist. You cannot specify a default schema for a user that is mapped to a Windows group, a certificate, or an asymmetric key.

  • Guest account enabled for: <database name>
    Read-only attribute indicating whether the Guest account is enabled on the selected database. Use the Status page of the Login Properties dialog box of the Guest account to enable or disable the Guest account.

  • Database role membership for: <database name>
    Select the roles for the user in the specified database. All users are members of the public role in every database and cannot be removed. For more information about database roles, see Database-Level Roles.