Object Binding Dialog Box

Use the Object Binding dialog box in Business Intelligence Development Studio to define bindings between the property of an Analysis Services object and a table or column in a data source view. You can display the Object Binding dialog box by selecting (new) from the drop-down list for the value of the following properties of an Analysis Services object in the Properties window of Business Intelligence Development Studio:

  • NameColumn

  • ValueColumn

  • CustomRollupColumn

  • CustomRollupPropertiesColumn

  • UnaryOperatorColumn


  • Binding type
    Select the binding to use for the Analysis Services object. The following types of binding can be used:

    • Column binding
      Binds the object to an existing table and column within a data source view.

    • Generate column
      Indicates that a new column is to be defined in the data source view, and a column binding is then associated with it.


      If this option is selected, you must run the Schema Generation Wizard before deploying the Analysis Services object.

    • Row binding
      Binds the object to a row in a fact table and is used to facilitate count measures based on the number of rows processed in the fact table.

  • Source table
    Displays a list of tables in the data source view associated with the Analysis Services object.

  • Source column
    Displays a list of columns in the table selected in Source table.