Permissions on an XML Schema Collection

As described in the topic, Managing XML Schema Collections on the Server, you can create an XML schema collection and use it to type variables, parameters, and columns of xml type. However, you must have the necessary permissions to do the following:

  • Create/load the XML schema collection

  • Modify the XML schema collection

  • Drop the XML schema collection

  • Use the XML schema collection to type xml type columns, variables, and parameters, or use it in table or column constraints

The SQL Server security model allows CONTROL permission on every object. The grantee of this permission obtains all other permissions on the object. The owner of the object also has all the permissions on the object.

The owner and the grantee of the CONTROL permission on an object can grant any permission on the object. A user who is not the owner and does not have CONTROL permission can still grant permission on an object when WITH GRANT OPTION is specified. For example, assume User A has REFERENCES permission on XML schema collection S, through WITH GRANT OPTION, but no other permissions on S. User A could grant User B REFERENCES permission on schema collection S.

The security model also allows permissions to create and use XML schema collections or transfer ownership from one user to another. The following topics describe the XML schema collection permissions.