How to: View a Saved Trace (Transact-SQL)

This topic describes how to use built-in functions to view a saved trace.

To view a specific trace

  • Execute fn_trace_getinfo by specifying the ID of the trace about which information is needed. This function returns a table that lists the trace, trace property, and information about the property.

    Invoke the function this way:

    SELECT *
    FROM ::fn_trace_getinfo(trace_id)

To view all existing traces

  • Execute fn_trace_getinfo by specifying 0 or default. This function returns a table that lists all the traces, their properties, and information about these properties.

    Invoke the function as follows:

    SELECT *
    FROM ::fn_trace_getinfo(default)


To run the built-in function fn_trace_getinfo, the user needs the following permission:

ALTER TRACE on the server.