Advanced Transactions Topics

Mismanagement of transactions often leads to contention and performance problems in systems that have many users. As the number of users in a system increases, it becomes important to have applications that use transactions efficiently. The SQL Server Database Engine also supports nesting transactions, transaction savepoints, and bound transactions, which offer programmers additional options for writing efficient transactions.



Nesting Transactions

Explains how to nest transactions in stored procedures that can be called from sessions that may or may not have an active transaction.

Transaction Savepoints

Savepoints offer a mechanism to roll back portions of a transaction.

Using Bound Sessions

Two sessions can be bound, in which case they share a common transaction and set of locks.

Adjusting Transaction Isolation Levels

Choosing an isolation level defines how the current session is isolated from updates performed by other sessions.

Rollbacks and Commits in Stored Procedures and Triggers

Discusses the behaviors associated with rolling back a transaction from a stored procedure or trigger.

Transact-SQL Statements Allowed in Transactions

Certain statements cannot be run from an active transaction.

Coding Efficient Transactions

Discusses recommendation for coding transactions that perform and scale well.