SQL Server Profiler - Source Table/Database Engine Tuning Advisor - Select Workload Table

Microsoft SQL Server Profiler and Database Engine Tuning Advisor use this dialog box to select tables.

In SQL Server Profiler, use the Source Table dialog box to specify a source table for a trace table. This is a table from which a trace is loaded, and the contents of which are viewed or used for replaying the trace.

In Database Engine Tuning Advisor, use the Select Workload Table dialog box to select a database table that contains SQL Server Profiler trace information to use as a tuning workload, or to preview the table contents before starting tuning analysis.


  • SQL Server
    Specifies the instance of SQL Server currently connected. This field is populated automatically and cannot be updated.

  • Database
    Specify the database where the trace table is located.

  • Owner
    Specifies the owner of the trace table. This field is populated automatically as dbo.

  • Table
    Specify the name of the trace table from which the trace should be read.