ErrorSupport.FireErrorWithArgs Method (Int32, Boolean%, array<Object[])

Raises an error identified by the specified HRESULT, allows execution to be cancelled, and includes an optional array of user-defined objects or information.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.ManagedMsg
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.DtsMsg (in Microsoft.SqlServer.DtsMsg.dll)


Public Sub FireErrorWithArgs ( _
    hResult As Integer, _
    <OutAttribute> ByRef bCancel As Boolean, _
    ParamArray paramList As Object() _
Dim instance As ErrorSupport
Dim hResult As Integer
Dim bCancel As Boolean
Dim paramList As Object()

instance.FireErrorWithArgs(hResult, bCancel, _
public void FireErrorWithArgs(
    int hResult,
    out bool bCancel,
    params Object[] paramList
void FireErrorWithArgs(
    int hResult, 
    [OutAttribute] bool% bCancel, 
    ... array<Object^>^ paramList
member FireErrorWithArgs : 
        hResult:int * 
        bCancel:bool byref * 
        paramList:Object[] -> unit 
public function FireErrorWithArgs(
    hResult : int, 
    bCancel : boolean, 
    ... paramList : Object[]


  • hResult
    Type: System.Int32
    The HRESULT of the underlying COM error.
  • bCancel
    Type: System.Boolean%
    true to cancel execution; otherwise, false.
  • paramList
    Type: array<System.Object[]
    An optional array of user-defined objects or information.