ErrorSupport.GetFormattedMessage Method

Gets the error message for an HRESULT and formats the message by populating parameters with the supplied values.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.ManagedMsg
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.DtsMsg (in Microsoft.SqlServer.DtsMsg.dll)


Public Function GetFormattedMessage ( _
    hResult As Integer, _
    <OutAttribute> ByRef strFormattedText As String, _
    ParamArray paramList As Object() _
) As Integer
Dim instance As ErrorSupport
Dim hResult As Integer
Dim strFormattedText As String
Dim paramList As Object()
Dim returnValue As Integer

returnValue = instance.GetFormattedMessage(hResult, _
    strFormattedText, paramList)
public int GetFormattedMessage(
    int hResult,
    out string strFormattedText,
    params Object[] paramList
int GetFormattedMessage(
    int hResult, 
    [OutAttribute] String^% strFormattedText, 
    ... array<Object^>^ paramList
member GetFormattedMessage : 
        hResult:int * 
        strFormattedText:string byref * 
        paramList:Object[] -> int 
public function GetFormattedMessage(
    hResult : int, 
    strFormattedText : String, 
    ... paramList : Object[]
) : int


  • hResult
    Type: System.Int32
    The HRESULT for which to return the formatted error message.
  • strFormattedText
    Type: System.String%
    The formatted error message.
  • paramList
    Type: array<System.Object[]
    An array of parameter values required for the formatted error message.

Return Value

Type: System.Int32
A value that indicates whether the GetFormattedMessage method succeeded or failed. A value of 0 (zero) indicates success.