Custom Property Dialog Box (Model Designer)

Use the Custom Property dialog box to store custom attributes about your model. Custom properties can also be used by end user tools for specific implementations.


  • Members
    Lists the attributes that you have added in the order that they should be displayed. You can change the order of the fields by clicking the Up or Down arrow buttons to the right of the list box.

  • Add
    Click the Add button to launch the Add Attributes dialog box and select the attributes that you want to add.

  • Remove
    Click the Remove button to remove the selected attribute from the Members list.

  • Properties
    The Properties list box displays the Name, Namespace, DataType and Value properties of each member of the list box. To choose a data type for the custom property, click the DataType arrow and select from the list. To set the default value of the data type, type the value in the Value CustomProperty box.